of Northumberland

Mark Lodges

Mark Lodge No. Venue Week Day Month Installation
Northumberland & Berwick TI Cramlington 4th Wednesday Feb Mar Apr Sept Oct Nov November
Hotspur with Coquetdale 135 Alnwick 3rd Wednesday Feb Apr Oct Dec April
St. Cuthbert 192 Berwick upon Tweed 3rd Wednesday Jan Mar May Sept Nov May
Tristram 346 Fern Avenue 2nd Tuesday Feb Mar Oct Nov Dec October
Gosforth 463 Wallsend 4th Monday Feb Apr Sept Oct Nov September
Hartford 546 Bedlington 2nd Tuesday Jan Mar May Sept Nov  May
Blagdon 547 Blyth 1st Wednesday Feb Mar Apr Oct Dec April
Morpeth 691 Morpeth 3rd Thursday Feb Apr Oct Dec December
Thomas Purvis 702 Maple Terrace 4th Monday Jan Mar May Sept September
Unity 708 Morpeth 2nd Friday Jul May Oct May
Haven 750 North Shields 2nd Monday Feb Apr Oct Dec April
Amble 780 Amble 4th Wednesday Mar May Sept Nov March
Whitley 788 Whitley Bay 4th Wednesday Mar Apr Sept Nov November
Ashington 890 Ashington 1st Thursday Feb Apr Jun Oct Dec February
Carville 968 Maple Terrace 1st Friday Feb Apr Oct April
Risingham 1033 Bellingham 2nd Tuesday Mar Jun Sept Oct October
Newgate 1141 Wallsend 1st Monday Feb Apr Oct Dec April
Grainger 1147 Wallsend 4th Friday Jan Feb Mar Apr Sept September
Nepos 1155 Corbridge Road 3rd Tuesday Mar May Sept Nov March
Hexham 1161 Hexham 2nd Wednesday Feb Apr Jun Oct Dec June
Backworth 1189 Shiremoor 2nd Tuesday Mar Apr Sept Oct Nov November
Cramlington 1235 Cramlington 3rd Monday Mar Apr May Sept September
Haltwhistle 1278 Haltwhistle 3rd Thursday Mar Apr May Oct October
De La Val 1290 Seaton Delaval 2nd Thursday Jan Mar May Sept Nov September
Adoniram 1483 Blyth 2nd Friday Mar Jun Nov November
George Stephenson 1527 Wylam 1st Thursday Mar May Sept Nov May
Farne 1540 Alnwick 4th Friday Feb Apr Jun Oct  June
Ponteland 1550 Ponteland Last Thursday Jan Apr Oct October
Oriental 1890 Fern Avenue 1st Monday Mar June Oct October